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*NOTICE - Do to an earlier virus most of the reviews were unfortunately deleted. Luckly I was able to salvage
the cd & show reviews below.

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Andy Browne Trio / "Chemical Road" promo
Hardrocking guitars, flowing acoustics, powerful rhythm and raw vocals. There's no question that Andy Browne and his band are truly talented musicians and songwriters. Every song on here are well crafted, hook-filled masterpieces touching on the purity of progressive rock, pop, and the attitude of earlier punk. Every track glistens with edgy, sincere and honest emotions. Which is definitely something that is very hard to find nowadays. The acoustic guitar in the beginning of the first track "Sacred Cow" beautifully transcends the song into an emotionally driven chorus that catches you alittle by surprise. If this is what's to come from their full-length CD "Chemical Road" then I'm sure we will definitely be hearing alot more of The Andy Browne Trio in the near future. These guys are going places for sure.

Omnisoul / "Climbing Ladders EP"
"If I was a talent scout from a record label and I was given the task of referring only one band from northern Delaware for signing, these guys [Omnisoul] would be it. They have the image, the musicianship and by this 4 song EP they definitely have the songs to back everything up. This CD has all the right elements, a little bit pop, a little bit rock, a little bit new wave, and even a little bit of jazz influences mixed in, creating a really infectious sound. The arrangement and production on this CD is truly engaging. You can't help but want to hear every song from start to finish. And even after it's done you'll still hear the songs in your head! All the songs on here are top notch. The first track "You Say" has a cool jazzy feel, which hints a little bit of Duncan Sheik and Dave Matthews. While the second track "Sober", which is definitely my favorite, starts off as a nice slow sounding ballad then shifts directions and goes into a very catchy and melodious chorus, which brings the band Coldplay into mind. The keyboard riff midway in this song is awesome and adds a bit of new wave coolness to the track. I like all of the songs on this EP. I just wish there were more songs added! Either way, strong vocals, solid performance and great instrumentation. What else can I say? ...except these songs belong on the radio!"

MADE / "punkfunkmetalpop"
This is the second release from the band MADE and like the title indicates these guys kind of venture into a few different musical styles. The styles on this cd that are most noticeable are punk, rock and metal. These guys fuse grungy, punk guitar riffs with a more straightforward rock vibe. They even mix in some harmony parts on a few songs creating a catchy "power pop" feel. The musical performance on this cd is pretty tight. Every band member knows their parts and play them very well. Some of the songs that stand out more on this CD are the first track "PUSH" which delivers a hooky chorus and an intriguing opening line. While the fifth track "WAKE UP" lyrically seems to deal with one's own personal reflection of their inner self. And if you're looking for something with a more punk edge then the last track "DEATH THREAT" would definitely wet your appetite!

Red Number 40 / "*ep"
"All I can say is that if you are looking for a band with quality songwriting, catchy hooks with a great overall style, then you have to get this CD by Red Number 40"
"This is pop/rock ... at it's best"
"The production on this CD is also up to par...this CD can easily stand up to any album recorded in a local studio"
"The only downside is well there's only 6 tracks"

Carroway / "Don't Be a Social Outcast"
What would you get if you mixed the catchy melodies of Matchbox Twenty with the southern rock style of Tom Petty? Well, Carroway comes pretty close to that. And it's tastefully done. You can tell these guys spent a lot of time perfecting their craft because this CD spills out with mainstream commercial potential. The production on this CD is flawless. All the songs go well with each other. The whole CD is full of power driven guitars that really hit you in the face. The vocalist kind of reminds me a little of the Counting Crows, which actually goes well with the music. I like most of the songs on here so it's a little hard to pick which songs stand out more, but I would have to say the second track, "Right Here With You", which has lots of good catchy hooks throughout the whole song. Or even the third track, "Just Friends", which has a great chorus and goove and definitely has radio hit potential written all over it. These guys are actually from Virginia and even though I usually review bands from the tri-state area, they do occasionally play shows up around the southern PA area and I'm glad they sent the CD in. Personally I wouldn't be suprised if I see these guys on MTV or Rolling Stone one day. Great job guys. The full release CD should be available sometime this summer!

Melissa Cox / "Aurophobia" (quoting full review)
"...Melissa is not only a great songwriter but she also has the ability to pour such raw emotion into every song she belts out."


Reviewed by Ryan Longshaw (DDO band)
"The band NO VACANCY does a great job of making the crowd a part of the band's performance and of delivering exactly what the fans want to hear..."

Reviewed by Brene Wilson (302 MUSIC)
"RED NUMBER 40 sounds as good live as on their CD (*ep)....It was great to hear them play some of the songs off the EP which I'm listening to alot right now....With bands like these around it shouldn't be hard to be a fan of local original music!!"

Reviewed by Brene Wilson (302 MUSIC)
"I just posted a review of the CD "punkfunkmetalpop" by the band MADE. The CD is really good but after hearing them live I have to say their CD just doesn't completely capture their full sound. Lets just say... these guys blew me away live. The sound, the songs, just the whole vibe of the band was this raw intense ball of rockin energy! You could also feel they were totally into it! Very tight musicianship as well. Great job guys!"

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